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Three Rings and a Rose

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Three Rings and a Rose
Sweet Serenity Book 4

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4.5 Stars: "...sexy, fun and playful, a great comibination in an erotic romance novel!" -Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars: "The love scenes were high voltage but not at the expense of the underlying story. In other words, it wasn't all about sex." -Debra Taylor, The Romance Reviews

4 Kisses: "The devil is in the details and Ms. Ashlinn gave her readers a wonderful ride as we learned those lessons well." -Tangie, Two Lips Reviews

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Ella Dawson learned the hard way how much it hurt to be trapped in the middle of Micah Blaylock and Caedon Asher. The tension between the men drove her to the edge. Then a scandal destroyed her relationship with Caedon, shredding her heart and driving her back to Serenity, Kansas.

Two years later, Caedon still can’t forget Ella or Micah. When a worried friend’s meddling provides him with an opportunity to rekindle the relationships he lost, Caedon jumps in with both feet. But he knows he’ll need Micah’s help.

Secret desires and fears push Micah to refuse Caedon. However, Caedon won’t relent. When he finally convinces Ella and Micah to give sharing a shot, what happens when the two men’s love for each other can no longer be denied? And how will their relationship survive when scandal threatens to tear them apart once again?

It’ll take three rings and a rose to unite these would-be lovers, this time forever.

Story Excerpt

A piece of Caedon’s heart broke when Micah pulled away from him abruptly, the harsh movement saying more than words ever could. Micah didn’t want him anymore. And it wasn’t just his love or lust he was rejecting. It was his friendship, too.

Overlooking his personal pain, Caedon told Micah, “Let her go. She needs time.” The sound of his voice echoed off the buildings in the now-desolate street, and he cringed. This was a personal matter, not one he wanted to be heard in a public place.

With his career choice, Caedon always considered the possibility of paparazzi hiding in some nook or cranny while snapping pictures and recording his words. Scanning the area, he glanced down the street then switched his attention to the upper part. He checked the buildings surrounding them and peeked at the few alleyways nearby. But he thankfully saw nothing and no one. They were alone

Whirling around, Micah charged at Caedon, his bloodthirsty expression nearly knocking him over. “Don’t tell me what to do. I’ve been here. You haven’t. And hell, you’re the one who came here
todayall days and fucked everything up—again. I was going to tell her. I was going to break it to her gently. But you took that away from me. I had to win her over before you did. So now I bungled it all to hell and back.”

Another chink fell from Caedon’s heart. This wasn’t a mad Micah in front of him. He was a hurt one. And Caedon hated to see him like that. Whether or not he loved Micah—which he could certify that he did—Caedon always felt uncomfortable when he saw the cracks in Micah. The strong self-assurance he carried around was one of the things that Caedon respected most. To see him in any other light was excruciating.

“Micah, I was trying to help you”—halting, Caedon pointed at Ella, who’d made it to the end of the street and had just turned the corner—“and her.”

“I’m sure you were,” Micah muttered in a sardonic tone that would have normally pissed Caedon off. If he weren’t so damn worried about him, he’d have probably lit into him. “Fucking over the opposition gives you what you want—in this case, Ella.”

Micah didn’t give Caedon a chance to respond before he stalked through the night. He walked toward The G Spot with long, deliberate strides.

Following behind Micah, Caedon snorted. “Do you really think I’m going to get the girl
now? She won’t have me. She wouldn’t have me before. Even if I hadn’t messed up, she wouldn’t have ever been mine—not completely.”

Micah didn’t pause, but he did shake his head in obvious confusion. “Then why are you here?” he asked as he came to a halt in front of the door to The G Spot. Retrieving keys from his pocket, Micah locked up Ella’s store without going back inside and turning off the lights, grabbing her belongings, or anything else.

“Hell if I know,” Caedon replied with a shrug. “I guess I wanted to see if I could work everything out with Ella. I wanted to see if you and I could be”—he hesitated, unsure of what to say—“friends again. But it’s obvious to me that isn’t the case. She doesn’t want me because of you, and you hate me.”

“So that’s it?” Micah asked as he whirled to face Caedon. His gorgeous face changed before Caedon’s very eyes, the angry expression he’d been wearing earlier disappeared, and a thunderous one replaced it. “You’re just going to leave again? You came here and upset Ella. You screwed everything up for me. Now you’re going to hightail your ass out of here. I don’t think so, asshole. I won’t let you go anywhere, goddamn it. Not this time.”

Micah’s eyes widened as though he hadn’t meant to say what he’d just said. But it was too late. Caedon had heard him—loud and clear. Mr. Blunt appeared to have spoken before thinking, and Caedon now knew that he didn’t want him to leave.

Thank God.
Caedon breathed a tiny sigh of relief then informed Micah, “I didn’t say that either. I’m not going anywhere, jackass.Just because you two are on a different page than I am doesn’t mean I can’t turn it for you.”

A small smile appeared on Micah’s sexy lips before he extinguished it, his expression hardening again. Only it was fake. Anyone with eyes could see the begrudging laughter in his baby blues.
My writer wouldn’t make a very good actor.

Micah scowled and asked “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that I can fix this…we can fix it—together.”

Cocking his head to the side, Micah’s curiosity appeared to spring to life as his probing eyes met Caedon’s. “How?”

Caedon smirked. “She doesn’t want me without you, and you hate me because I am trying to keep you from her. Correct?”

Micah looked at him skeptically then shifted ever-so-slightly. Leaving one foot planted on the ground, he dragged the other across the sidewalk then lifted his leg and kicked a random rock. “I don’t
hate you, Caedon. I never have,” he said in a tone that left no room for argument. He might be pissed at Caedon, but he obviously still cared. That was enough for Caedon. It would have to be—until he could convince him their friendship was salvageable.

Caedon watched Micah carefully, never taking his eyes from him, as he declared, “I say we share her.”

Adult Excerpt

“Oh Gabriella,” Caedon Asher moaned as he rolled his lover, Gabriella Embry, on her back. The feel of her lush body underneath his nearly undid him.

She squirmed, and the sheets rustled underneath her. But he didn’t hear it. All he heard was her breathing, the ragged gasps she made as he slid his aching cock between the outer folds of her pussy. He rocked his hips back and forth, luxuriating in the feel of her moisture coating his shaft. “I love you,” he murmured.

Gabriella smiled up at him, her lovely face open and accepting. “I love you too, Caedon. So much, but I need more. I need you to fuck me.” She lifted her ass from the bed, increasing the friction of his cock against her pussy, and moaned before dropping back down. “I know how much you’ve been holding back from me. I don’t want that. I want you to fuck me the way you want. If you crave hard and fast, do it. If you desire slow and easy, go for it. I don’t care. Just fuck me. Take me. Possess me. Love me like there’s no future and no past—just the present.”

Caedon groaned. Those were the words he’d yearned to hear for so long. He could finally give her all of himself, not just the vanilla lover he’d shown her since they met. “God yes,” he groaned a second time. “I want that, too.”

He slipped his hand between their slick, sweaty bodies and guided his stiff cock to her entrance. Without another word, he thrust inside her, and she moaned as every inch of his shaft made its way into her sweltering core.

The velvety walls of her tight cunt resisted his invasion, rippling and pulsating around him. But he continued to tunnel into her. Before long she relaxed below him, and he took advantage of her softening body. He dragged his cock out of her pussy, retreating so slowly, so gently that she screamed when he plunged back into her without giving her a warning. He pounded into her roughly, hammering her slick cunt with his throbbing dick. Each time he impaled her, he pushed harder. He thrust deeper. He drove himself further and further into her until he lost who he was and who she was. They were one person, one body.

She arched up and into him, her turgid nipples scraping across his chest. Then she cupped his ass with her hands and palmed his gluteal muscles. She dug her sharp nails into the flesh of his ass cheeks. But the pain felt so good coming from her, so right.

He groaned, his body bucking above hers. Then he allowed his body to fall forward. He smashed the hard wall of his chest to the delicate curve of her satiny breasts and kissed her with all of the passion he’d held in for this moment. He ravaged her mouth with his, their tongues colliding and tangling together without an ounce of restraint in either of them.

She used her grip on his ass to forcefully pull their lower bodies closer together. Acting purely on instinct, he responded to her silent plea. He bore down on her pussy, moving so swiftly and relentlessly that he no longer recognized himself. He was an uncivilized beast, and she was the alluring siren he couldn’t get enough of.

Ripping his lips from hers, he slid his hardened shaft out of her pussy. The walls enveloping him rippled and pulsated at his retreat exactly as they had at his invasion. He lifted himself off her before flipping her onto her stomach and spreading her legs apart then attacking her again.

Without preliminaries, he forced his thick shaft into her tight hole, not giving her body a chance to hold him off. He pistoned into her as he lowered his body onto the backside of hers, trapping her between his body and the bed.

Sweeping her hair aside, he murmured, “I’m going to fuck your hot little cunt, Gabriella, like I want to. Then when I’m done, I’m going to fuck your tight ass, and you’re going to love it. You’re going to scream my name so loudly that you can’t talk for a month. You’re going to beg me for more, and I’m going to give it to you.” He licked her earlobe once then bit into her pliable skin, not offering her an ounce of gentleness. He gave her harsh and merciless. “Then Micah will join us. He’ll fuck you, and he’ll fuck me. When he’s done, you’ll know exactly who you belong to. You’re mine and Micah’s.”

The door opened behind them, and Caedon sensed their third, Micah Gunner, entering the room. But he didn’t break stride. His fierce thrusts forged on and so did his dirty words. “Do you want that? Do you want us to show you who owns that curvy body of yours? We’ll fuck you apart. We’ll fuck you together—me in your pussy, and Micah in your ass. Our bodies will surround you and hold you tight.”

Caedon glided his hands up the voluptuous curve of her hips then slid into the dip in her perfectly shaped waist before snaking between her body and the bed. Seeking and finding her supple breasts, he kneaded them in his hands. The full globes overflowed, and he took great pleasure in their size. “I love your beautiful breasts. They’re just like you…” He trailed off as he took her nipples between his fingers and rolled the distended nubs. “Perfect,” he finished with a secret smile.

A dip in the mattress alerted Caedon to Micah’s presence on the bed, and he glanced over his shoulder. He shamelessly admired the man he loved while he fucked the woman they both shared and adored.

“She is perfect,” Micah agreed as he crawled across the big bed. His hand grazed Caedon’s back, and he trembled at Micah’s touch. “And so are you.”

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