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Cade (McCoy) Blakemore

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Cade Blakemore

“Yeah. I vote for spanking and butt plugs. By butt plugs, I mean our dicks. Those are the best kind.”

Full Name: Cade Dawson (McCoy) Blakemore
Town of Residence: Serenity, Kansas
Date of Birth:
March 11, 1982
225 lbs
Tall and lean
George and Rose McCoy
Best Friend:
Gray Blakemore and Jaycee Blakemore
Worst Enemy:
Leila Schilling
Gray and Jaycee
Ava and Mason (twins)
Sadie (dog) and Mr. Whiskers (cat)
loves to tell bad jokes
Black Ford F-450 King Ranch

Book Appearances

Destined to be Three (Sweet Serenity #1), Hero
Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome (Sweet Serenity #2)
It Takes Three to Fly (Sweet Serenity #3)
Three Rings and a Rose (Sweet Serenity #4)
The Sweetest Dish (Sweet Serenity #5)

Sitting down with Cade...

(Cade swaggers in the room and has a seat on the couch)

Cade: “Hey, Mia.”

Mia: “I guess I don’t need to ask how you are doing?”

(flings his arm across the back of the couch, leans back, and gets comfortable) “Feel free. I’m more than happy to fill you in.”

Mia: “I’m sure you would love to share every dirty detail. And smugly, too.”

Cade: “Hey, you know me.”

Mia: “Better than most.”

Cade: “So you’re turning me down?”
(slaps a hand across his chest) “I’m wounded.”

Mia: “Cade McCoy, you know me. The only time I turn down sexy stories is when I’m in a hurry.”

Cade: “What about later?”

(chuckles) “After I chat with Gray.”

Cade: “Perfect. So, J said you are here to ask questions about us.”

Mia: “Yes.”

Cade: “Sounds good to me. Shoot.”

Mia: “Jaycee told me that she loved your sense of humor. What’s your favorite joke?”

Cade: “I don’t have one that stands out, but I will share the one I told Jaycee this morning.”

Mia: “Okay.”

Cade: “A woman and man started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest. After about fifteen minutes of it, the man finally gets up and says, ‘Damn, I wish I had a flashlight!’. The woman says, ‘Me too, you’ve been eating grass for the past ten minutes!’”

(chuckles) “What did Jaycee say to that?”

Cade: “It was more what Gray said about it.”

Mia: “Oh, this I have got to hear.”

(whispers) “Sounds like someone needs to mow the grass.”

(snorts) “Cheesy!”

Cade: “Jaycee wanted to know the woman’s name so she could recommend her esthetician, Madison.”

(horse laughs) “She would, too.”

Cade: “Maddie does a superb job on J.”

(laughs) “We are straying from topic, Cade.”

Cade: “What a fucking shock, huh?”

Mia: “Ah! You brought me to my next question...favorite curse word?”

(shakes his head and places his hand over his heart) “All curse words are created equal.”

Mia: “Come on, Cade. You have to give me something here. No favorite curse word or joke?”
(coughs) “Bullshit.”


Mia: “Fine. What about a favorite pick up line or body part or anything, damn it?”

(eyes bug out) “I heard you ask Jaycee about pick up lines. Do not ask Gray. He will go on the warpath.”

Mia: “He’s still pissed about the bar fight? It’s been a month!”

Cade: “He is not one to get over things quickly.”

Mia: “Fine, I won’t ask. But don’t think that gets you out of the hot seat. Favorite body part?”

Cade: “Do I get one for Gray and one for Jaycee?”

(nods) “I think that is fair.”

Cade: “You should know this one, Mia. I have a thing for sucking cock and eating pussy so…”

Mia: “True.”

Cade: “Are we about done here? I need to get a few things done, and I am sure that Gray is trying to bury himself in work so he doesn’t have to talk about himself.”

(Gray walks in, strolls over to the couch, and plops down next to Cade)

Gray: “You’re so full of shit, Cade. You don’t like answering personal questions anymore than I do, and I’m willing to bet you haven’t told Mia a damn thing.”

Cade: “Sure I did. I told her that I loved to suck your dick and eat Jaycee pussy. Where is she by the way?”

Gray: “She is taking a nap.”

Cade: “Poor thing. I might need to go check on her.”

Gray: “Leave Jaycee alone, Cade. If you go in there, one of you will end up jumping the other, and she needs some sleep right now. You have work to do anyway.”

Cade: “Yeah, I do.”
(stands up then bends down to kiss Gray) “See you later guys. Don’t forget Mia, we have to talk later.”

Mia: “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

(Cade leaves)

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